Sunday, August 9, 2009

Out with the old and in with the New

This will be my last post on this blog. I am changing the way I blog, doing more opinion and review posts than my daily happenings. If you would like to follow, please see my new blog at

Hope you pop by and take a peek!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Classes are over until the fall

All my preschool classes have now ended and will resume again in the fall.
I can't believe how fast this year has past. The great children and parents, and co workers I have had the opportunity to teach, and meet and work with have been wonderful. I will miss the time away, but I will have the time to spend with my own kids before classes resume again in the fall.

For now, I am on hiatus from this blog until prep time in early September.

Happy Summer everyone!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New stuff

I love new equipment. I finally received some equipment on my wish list.
First were some hoop holders. They hold hula hoops so children can throw stuff through, step through, kick balls through etc. Great investment. I got another toy, that I can set up to kick balls, and or crawl through. It can be made into a long train to follow. Third were stepping stones, that can be used for balance and climbing. Great stuff.
I am so excited to be able to use all this new equipment. I look forward to it actually. The only down side is I have 2 classes left and then I am on summer break. For most stuff, I will have to wait to use until September.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some theme crafts

I have 3 more preschool classes left and then I will be off until next September.. The whole summer off, basking in the sun, sitting around the pool.. Oh, don't get me started :) - I am so looking forward to summer.

So my last 3 classes focus on a bug theme, a fishing theme and a fathers day theme. Here are some pics of what we will make.

For bugs, we are making construction paper caterpillars(you can easily make these with egg cartons as well)

for fishing we are making a fishing pole out of string, and tongue depressors

and for fathers day, undecided but I found some great ideas, different magnets, desk accessory, and a card.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mothers day craft

Here are some great ideas for preschoolers to make for Mother's day. I found these tonight surfing online for ideas. I thought these would work quite nicely in my class. If you have any other craft ideas that preschoolers could do, please feel free to share.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there.

Coupon book

Recipe cards(kids can decorate)

Painted clay pots

tissue paper flower collage

Mother's day cards

Beaded bracelets

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Face cloth bunnies

Yesterday during my preschool class, I introduced the children to the face cloth bunny for craft time. (see above picture)They loved it and their bunnies turned out very well. The kids were able to roll the cloths, I helped by tying off the ears and then they added the eyes, nose, and tail. They also added another little Easter decoration to spice it up a bit. The kids loved that they got to take home their very own Easter bunny and their parents loved them too!
The little chick would be good for our bird themed class coming up later in the year! What a nice way to change things up a bit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring time Flowers

I am teaching a class this week, with Spring flowers as the theme to get everyone geared up for the first flower buds to appear. I personally can't wait to see my flowers starting to bud and flourish.
In my classes we do 2 crafts, a paint craft and a glue craft. Here are the ideas for this theme:

Paint Craft: Coffee filter Tulip
PREP: I have prepared coffee filters by cutting scalloped edges on the top of the filter and attached them to long wooden Popsicle sticks using a stapler.
I then attached leaves cut out from green construction paper with a stapler as well.
I will add 4 drops of food coloring in 1/2 cup water and have many q tips ready to go.

The children will then dip the q tips in the colored water, and touch their coffee filter flower filling it all with many colors. The colors all bleed together and it makes for a very beautiful flower.

Glue Craft: Tissue paper flower
PREP: I have cut out of construction paper, a great big yellow flower, an orange circle center and the stem and leaves out of green and put it all together using a glue stick.
I have cut up pieces of different colored tissue paper into little squares about 2"x2"

The children will be able to crumple up and glue on to their flower.
Makes for a fun and unique flower craft.