Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mothers day craft

Here are some great ideas for preschoolers to make for Mother's day. I found these tonight surfing online for ideas. I thought these would work quite nicely in my class. If you have any other craft ideas that preschoolers could do, please feel free to share.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there.

Coupon book

Recipe cards(kids can decorate)

Painted clay pots

tissue paper flower collage

Mother's day cards

Beaded bracelets

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Face cloth bunnies

Yesterday during my preschool class, I introduced the children to the face cloth bunny for craft time. (see above picture)They loved it and their bunnies turned out very well. The kids were able to roll the cloths, I helped by tying off the ears and then they added the eyes, nose, and tail. They also added another little Easter decoration to spice it up a bit. The kids loved that they got to take home their very own Easter bunny and their parents loved them too!
The little chick would be good for our bird themed class coming up later in the year! What a nice way to change things up a bit.