Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New stuff

I love new equipment. I finally received some equipment on my wish list.
First were some hoop holders. They hold hula hoops so children can throw stuff through, step through, kick balls through etc. Great investment. I got another toy, that I can set up to kick balls, and or crawl through. It can be made into a long train to follow. Third were stepping stones, that can be used for balance and climbing. Great stuff.
I am so excited to be able to use all this new equipment. I look forward to it actually. The only down side is I have 2 classes left and then I am on summer break. For most stuff, I will have to wait to use until September.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some theme crafts

I have 3 more preschool classes left and then I will be off until next September.. The whole summer off, basking in the sun, sitting around the pool.. Oh, don't get me started :) - I am so looking forward to summer.

So my last 3 classes focus on a bug theme, a fishing theme and a fathers day theme. Here are some pics of what we will make.

For bugs, we are making construction paper caterpillars(you can easily make these with egg cartons as well)

for fishing we are making a fishing pole out of string, and tongue depressors

and for fathers day, undecided but I found some great ideas, different magnets, desk accessory, and a card.