Friday, February 6, 2009

Circle time action songs

Here are a list of songs I use for circle time. Either at the beginning or the end of my class.
These are traditional songs to me, that I either grew up with, or re- learned when my two kids came along. I will post another entry of seasonal songs or theme songs for circle time as well.

twinkle twinkle little star(little stars, big stars)
baa baa black sheep and baa baa white sheep(blanket, rug, sweater)
I'm a little teapot
itsy bitsy spider/great big spider
5 in the bed(rolling hands)
Alice the camel has 5 humps(clapping hands)
If your happy and you know it (clap hands, stomp feet, shout hurray and do all three)
Old MacDonald
5 little monkeys
Row, row, row your boat
Down by the Duck pond
The more we get together
I'm bringing home a baby bumblee bee
Pat a cake
The muffin man
Little green frog
The more we get together
Down by the Bay
Down by the Station

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