Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Art for toddlers

Today I am covering a class for a friend. This class is a mommy and me class, and focuses on art for toddlers as well as music.

Now I am a crafty person, but thinking this through, I did not know what I was going to do.
Picking a craft for young kids is really hard.

I found something online this morning, that is going to work just perfect.

The first craft we will do is a paint craft. I am going to give them a rectangle piece of paint paper. I will fold it in half, one side behind the other. I will let the kids paint one side, and then take the back folded over piece and make a butterfly picture, by folding over the blank piece on top of the paint to make the mirror image.. Fun.

The second craft, will be sticker art. Who doesn't love stickers. I will cut out a shape and let the kids decorate it with stickers.
I have a tonne of music to incorporate into the music half of the class.
I think this class will be fun. I hope the kids have fun.

The class went really well. I really enjoyed it. It is a 1 hour long class. The first 15 minutes, I let the kids play, and then we sat down for a circle time, where we sang, open them, shut them, counted our fingers and itsy bitsy spider. I showed them a copy I made of the craft they were going to do. The coloring center was already set up with stars, stickers and crayons.
The kids had a great time with the painting, they were thrilled with the butterfly prints. They also enjoyed the stickers, but the painting was more popular.
After all the children had completed their craft and had some more playtime, we cleaned up and then we sat down with musical instruments, and sung head and shoulders, alice the camel, old Macdonald, and the alphabet.
Overall it was a really nice class, the kids and parents were really great with the fact, that I taught the class quite differently from the normal instructor, but everyone enjoyed it. It is a class I could see myself doing more of.

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