Friday, February 6, 2009

Parachute play

I use the parachute for my mom and me class. This class has toddlers from age 12 mos to 30 mos so I have to be creative in the things I do, to gear it towards this age group.
This is what I have come up with so far. I would love more ideas. So if anyone out there has any other ideas, I would love you to share them.

Popcorn - The kids throw soft balls on the parachute and we shake it and sing the popcorn song
Tune - I'm a little teapot
Song - Popcorn

I'm a piece of popcorn in a pot
heat me up and watch me pop
when I get all fat and white I'm done,
oh, popping corn is so much fun.

With the older group of kids, we will make big waves to pop the balls off. Of course, parents are always helping.

Pop goes the weasel - walking in a circle holding the parachute, when the song goes pop, we pop the parachute in the air

Ring around the Rosy - Walking around the parachute - fall down and then we sing, sitting in the meadow, picking buttercups, along came a bumblee bee and we all jumped up.

Mushroom - on the count of three, we all run under the parachute and pull it down over top of us. Fun for the kids to see mom and dad under the parachute with them

Row row row your boat - sitting on the ground, everyone around the parachute, we all pull tight back and forth like we are rowing a boat singing the song. I sing it two times through rowing faster on the second time

Waves - have the kids sit on the parachute(works best closest to the center of the chute) parents help make big waves and little waves around the parachute. Kids love this one.

Grand old duke of York - Standing, we all move the parachute up and down on the cues from the song. Grand fun.


Walking in a circle hanging on to the parachute we all sing and do the following actions:

Walking, walking
Walking, walking
Hop, hop, hop
Hop, hop, hop
running, running, running
running, running, running
now we stop, up, up, up! (on up we bring the parachute up)

For preschoolers, I have some game ideas, that I have yet to try, but here they are:

Beach ball

With a beach ball on the parachute being held at about waist level, the instructor chooses a few kids to go under the parachute and they try to knock the ball off while everyone else tries to keep the ball on.


Place skipping ropes on the parachute(snakes) and the children shake the parachute and try to get the snakes off.

Twinkle little star

Placing star shaped bean bags on parachute (any will do if you don't have stars) shake the parachute and sing twinkle twinkle little star, while the stars are bouncing around.

Fishies in the water

Place foam fish, bean bags, whatever you have that is light and maybe fish themed and bounce them on the parachute singing,
fishies in the water
fishies in the sea
they all jump up with a 1-2-3.
On 3 make a big mushroom with the parachute and see if the fishies can jump really high.


  1. This is the same age group as my play group. I have started doping parachute play last week. I LOVE your ideas and than you very much. If I find more I would love to give them to you

  2. This Blog has been Fantastic for my Music Group, Dear Linda if you have anymore songs Parachute play would love to see them Thankyou

  3. Thank you for these great ideas! Our moms group is having a spring party tomorrow and I can't wait to try these out!

  4. Brissa November 21st 2015
    In my Parent and Tot classes We do these as well The Grand Old Duke of York, Marching in one spot and bring it up and down according to the words
    Up and Down in my little red wagon
    Make the Parachute fly Raise it high three times then let it go and watch it fly.
    Sing where are all the children,Keep Parachute at a level where you cannot see them, Repeat where are all the children then raise it high and sing they're under the parachute Have fun